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Occupational therapy is an art and science that employs a "whole-person" approach to both mental and physical health. It provides practical support, facilitates recovery and increases independence; enabling those with physical, mental, or cognitive disorders to identify and overcome any barriers that prevent them from doing the activities that matter to them. "Occupation" refers to practical and purposeful activities, ranging from essential daily tasks, such as self-care, to work and leisure.

Our occupational therapists are highly trained and skilled professionals who find solutions to everyday problems through the assessment of each individual's needs – be they physical, psychological, social or environmental. They play a critical role in helping people of all ages overcome the effects of disability which are caused by illness, ageing, accidents, and other factors.

Through comprehensive individualized assessments, our team offers patients tailored and specialized advice on a number of topics, including: the different ways to approach tasks and activities, the use of equipment or assistive technology, adapting living and working environments, and developing encompassing strategies to reach the patient's goals.

FSRI therapists are able to provide integrated services and programs with the support of a team of allied health professionals from across different specialties, including physiotherapy, speech therapy, nutrition, sports training and sports massage, psychology and alternative therapies such as Reiki and lymphatic drainage. Our team offers a diverse number of services, which include:

  • Assessment and treatment of patients who are unable to conduct their daily lives to their maximum level of independence, due to illness, injury, ageing, or other factors.
  • Assessment and advice pertaining to appropriate moving and handling techniques and equipment
  • Provision of equipment to improve independence in activities carried out in daily lives
  • Advice regarding home equipment and adaptations to maximize safety and independence.
  • Assessment and advice about coping strategies for patients with cognitive dysfunction.

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