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FSRI is committed to building strong collaborative relationships with community partners, sharing resources, and building greater capacity amongst all organizations, in order to better serve the community.

In the areas of social responsibility, education, local capacity building, and research, we are proud to partner with the private and public sector, as well as local civil society organizations, in our efforts to share our expertise and learn from other community stakeholders who share our vision of changing Kuwait for the better.

Private Sector Partners

As a non-profit organization, the support of private sector partners is a crucial factor for FSRI. Over the years, we have developed a number of long-standing and highly productive relationships.

  • Agility - A New Logistics Leader

    Agility joined FSRI early on as a long-term strategic partner, co-founding the RunQ8 initiative and co-organizing the first two charity races. Agility continues to provide sponsorship and support for RunQ8. As Founding Partner for what has become one of FSRI’s most prominent initiatives, Agility has continued to strengthen its special relationship with FSRI, providing mentoring and support in the areas of social responsibility and marketing. As part of Agility’s CSR program in 2015, they also provided professional training in NGO governance, leadership and communications for FSRI management staff.

  • Equate

    Equate was the first corporate sponsor for the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center(CERC), providing funding which enabled FSRI to treat 204 children for free or at a minimal cost in the clinic. Their continued support and co-operation has been instrumental in the development of the children’s initiative. FSRI also offers a series of lunchtime wellness programs to Equate staff, promoting good health and offering advice on positive lifestyle choices.

  • Boubyan Bank

    In 2015, Boubyan Bank and Project 5 Miles invited FSRI to take part in their annual Steps Campaign, which takes place every Ramadan, and aims to raise money for a local charity while simultaneously promoting health. For every five laps completed by the participants, Boubyan Bank donated KD 1 that went towards CERC, supporting children with disabilities.

  • ASAR – Al Ruwayeh & Partners (ASAR)

    ASAR is one of RunQ8’s strategic partners, with the legal firm joining our race annually, supporting us through event sponsorship and also providing generous gifts for our runners.

  • Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Commercial Co (AAW)

    AAW supported CERC from its earliest days, contributing with furniture to fill the Center’s treatment and waiting rooms. They have also been committed supporters and sponsors of RunQ8 since its earliest days, participating in the race every year.

  • Burgan Bank

    In 2015, Burgan Bank made a generous contribution which went towards setting up a Multimedia Kid’s Activity Room at CERC, used to incorporate interactive media in treatments. They also served as silver sponsors in RunQ8 2015.

  • CrossFit Flare

    The CrossFit facility raised money for CERC through a fitness initiative in their gym during Ramadan 2015, and also participated with their clients in the 2015 Steps Program to raise money for CERC.

  • Al Anba

    One of Kuwait’s leading newspapers joined the 2015 Steps Campaign in its final ten days, significantly increasing the amount of participants and the funds raised to provide treatment for children at CERC.

    In addition to the above mentioned partners, every year the private sector in Kuwait extends its support to FSRI, helping the organization in fulfilling its healthcare mission and supporting its community initiatives. This is especially true with our ever-growing annual RunQ8 charity race, with both large corporations and small Kuwaiti businesses joining us to make this a successful and exciting event year on year.

Additional private sector sponsors for RunQ8, past and present

In addition to our key strategic sponsors and partners, FSRI is happy to enjoy the support of many Kuwaiti corporations and enterprises, who contribute to our race village and participate in RunQ8 each year.

Government Sector Support

As a non-profit organization, the support of private sector partners is a crucial factor for FSRI. Over the years, we have developed a number of long-standing and highly productive relationships.

  • Ministry of Health (MOH)

    MOH has been very supportive to FSRI, extending their patronage to RunQ8 in the past, and helping promote our past health initiatives, which focused on raising awareness about preventable blindness.

  • Ministry of Interior (MOI)

    MOI has always been very supportive of RunQ8, extending their patronage of the race in the past, and continuing to work yearly with FSRI to ensure the safety of our runners on race day.

  • Kuwait Society for Student Support (KSSS)

    FSRI is dedicated to identifying, nurturing, and employing local talent within the healthcare sector, which is why its relationship with KSSS has proven to be a vital one. KSSS has played a crucial role in the development of our staff, providing assistance and opportunities to further their education. In addition, in 2015 KSSS took part in subsidizing the KSSS Allied Health Education Program, which was organized by FSRI, with the goal of raising the standards of skills in local new graduates.

  • Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS)

    Part of FSRI’s key strategic goals is providing education and research opportunities for healthcare professionals across the region, collecting data to understand local conditions, in order to drive and inform highly specialized practice. These research efforts –carried out through coordination between local researchers, FSRI clinicians and international universities - would not be possible without the support of grants from KFAS.

Local Civil Society Organizations and Non-Profits

FSRI is proud of its broad and diverse network of community partners from across Kuwait’s ever-growing civil society. We value our relationships with these organizations who share our ethos of striving to work towards the benefit of the local community.

  • Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice

    Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice is one of the only specialized children’s palliative care institutions in the region, providing support to children with life limiting or life threatening illnesses who reside in Kuwait. CERC accepts children referred from Bayt Abdullah, providing them with free treatment.

  • Birth Kuwait

    A local non-profit community health network bringing together birth-related professionals and mothers, Birth Kuwait has quickly become one of FSRI’s closest community partners. As part of a grant funded by the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), CERC is working in partnership with Birth Kuwait to create the Kuwait Child Resource Center (KCRC), an online platform offering bilingual resources to parents, professionals and the community at large to provide the best care and support for children in Kuwait. Additionally, Birth Kuwait and FSRI regularly share resources to support each other’s community education and outreach efforts.

  • en.v

    en.v is a local organization committed to promoting social awareness and responsibility in the Arab world. Through their STAND program, they provide capacity building in the local non-profit, NGO and CSO sectors. They have trained the management staff of FSRI and provided ongoing mentoring. en.v is also the administrator for MEPI’s grant for the Kuwait Children’s Resource Center (KCRC), a project spearheaded by FSRI, in partnership with Birth Kuwait, and 6abebat.

  • Project 5 Miles

    A local non-profit initiative established to promote health and fitness, Project 5 Miles has supported the RunQ8 running clinic and has invited our physiotherapists to participate in a number of their community outreach programs. Additionally, Project 5 Miles is one of the organizers of the Steps charity program, and supported CERC as the recipient of the funds raised by the initiative in 2015.

  • 6abebat

    A local non-profit supporting the cultural and social life of female healthcare professionals in Kuwait, as well as other community initiatives, 6abebat is a partner in the KCRC project and provides a valuable network of healthcare allies.

  • Kuwait Child Rights Society (KCRS)

    KCRS promotes the strengthening of Kuwait’s child protection legal framework. They have created a well-child health application, which will be linked to the KCRC platform.

  • Spread the Passion

    A non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness about the value of volunteering, Spread the Passion has become a valued partner for FSRI. They work with our organization on multiple initiatives and projects, providing volunteers and creating tools for networking with other non-profits, CSOs, CSR departments and others to maximize community resources.

  • Atahub

    A network of governmental and non-governmental social change organizations, many of who are in the health field, Atahub acts as facilitator and connector within the civil society in Kuwait. The organization connects different groups and organizations with each other, allowing them to explore potential partnerships, as well as enabling them to exchange knowledge and expertise. Thanks to Atahub, FSRI has managed to strengthen and expand its network of community partners.

  • Middle East Psychological Association

    Established by FSRI’s Director of Psychology, the Association aims to provide a unified professional body for psychologists in the region, improving standards of care and providing professional development opportunities.

  • Qout Market

    FSRI was an original sponsor for Qout Market; a local initiative that supports small Kuwaiti owned businesses, especially those with a focus on organic or artisanal products, and which was funded by a small grant from the US State Department awarded to young entrepreneurs. Since then the market has grown, and although FSRI is no longer a sponsor, Qout market has continued to provide us with space to promote our community health initiatives at the venue, as well as conduct children’s activities to help raise funds for CERC.

  • Al Shaheed Park

    The landmark Kuwaiti project, spearheaded by Al Diwan Al Amiri and managed by LOYAC, offers its multipurpose space and outdoor spaces free-of-charge for events that benefit the betterment of society. We have been fortunate to work with Al Shaheed Park since it opened its doors, hosting Pilates courses, breast cancer awareness programs, and mental health education programs for the local community at their facilities.


    The non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to youth development has assisted FSRI with the help of its volunteers in data collection during several of our research projects.

International Partners

FSRI’s commitment to providing international standards of care and treatment is strengthened through its network of global partners, and its collaborations with a number of leading education and healthcare institutes from around the world.

  • Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada

    The largest rehabilitation hospital in Canada (affiliated with the University of Alberta), providing consultation and guidance for our Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC).

  • University of Alberta

    FSRI accepts students from the University of Alberta’s Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy Departments for supervised clinical residencies in Kuwait, with free services offered by some of the clinicians, in support of CERC.

  • University of Toronto

    Our organization has partnered with the University on a number of research efforts and professional collaborations.

  • Duke University

    Supervision of clinical professional development of FSRI physiotherapists through Duke’s doctoral program, and a reciprocal agreement to accept clinical residency students from Duke under the supervision of FSRI.

  • University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Collaboration and professional consultation with the University’s Clinical Psychology Department.

  • Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA.

    Recognized among the nation's premier research universities, Lehigh offers a rigorous academic community for nearly 7,000 students. Our ideal size, student-to-faculty ratio and vibrant campus allow students to collaborate on projects in and out of the classroom.

MEPI provided organizational capacity-building training for FSRI staff, and supported the development of the Kuwait Child Resource Center e-platform. MEPI is part of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, and supports efforts to expand political participation, strengthen civil society and the rule of law, empower women and youth, create educational opportunities, and foster economic reform throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In support of these goals, MEPI works with non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and academic institutions, as well as governments.

Educational Institutes

Stemming from FSRI’s staunch belief in education, our organization often works with educational institutions across the spectrum in Kuwait. Some of our past and present partners include:

  • American University of Kuwait (AUK)

    FSRI has participated in lectures hosted by the University, and has also worked with a number of interns from AUK.

  • Bayan Bilingual School (BBS)

    FSRI has provided on-site educational counseling at BBS, and has taken part in lectures on health hosted by the School. Additionally, BBS supports RunQ8 every year and raises money to sponsor students in the event. In addition, its staff and students participate in the run, and BBS students also volunteer on race day to help and support our team.

  • Fawzia Sultan International School (FSIS)

    This school has donated its space for the CERC program, enabling FSRI to provide care to vulnerable children. In addition, FSRI has provided clinical support to FSIS upon request.

  • Al-Ghanim Bilingual School

    The School sends a group of students to take part in our run every year.

  • Kuwait English School (KES):

    KES organized a student charity event and raised money for treatment of children at CERC.

  • American International School (AIS)

    Students from AIS participate in RunQ8 as part of their community service program at the School.

  • Kuwait University (KU) - School of Allied Health

    Students from the University have been mentored by our staff and are invited to enroll in training courses that FSRI organizes and facilitates.

  • Universal American School (UAS)

    The Universal American School participated in the second RunQ8, helping gather pledges from participants to adhere to a set of Road and Traffic Safety goals.

  • Kuwait Medical Student’s Association

    The Association provides volunteers for the ambulances made available in case of emergency on race day.

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