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It is through your generous support, that we as FSRI are able to continue to provide the community with our accessible-to-all services. Some previous forms of support have streamed in through the donations of private individuals, raising funds through charitable activities or sponsorship by firms.

Why donate?

As FSRI is both a private and non-for-profit organization, all surplus revenue generated will be reinvested into the organization. Donations and this reinvestment, enable us to maintain the facilities we have and hire the professionals to treat you. Your donations will keep us up and running, and able to provide accessible, quality healthcare to anyone who walks through our doors.

What is the difference between a dedicated and undedicated fund?

Donations have taken one of two forms; either dedicated or undedicated. The former is a type of fund that has been requested by the donor, to be put to a particular cause. The latter meanwhile, is where the donor hasn’t explicitly requested it to be used for a particular cause. As judged by staff, it will be put into the area it is deemed to be needed the most.

What causes can I fund through my donations?

You are welcome to make undedicated funds or even random ones, such as that directed to a specific patient. However we recommend that you fund either one of the following five causes, which are most in need.

  • Healthy aging: Providing treatment to those who may suffer from stroke, dementia or other such illness that are more likely to affect the elder amongst us.
  • CERC: Providing healthcare to those having developmental difficulties, from babies through to young adults. Various therapies are available to ensure children are independently able to embark upon their adult life.
  • Research: We believe that investment into research will develop our understanding on how best to treat those that require it. Though it may be a lengthy process, we are certain it will bring valuable dividends to our community.
  • Education: Through training, volunteer work, internships or any other means of education; we are able to spread knowledge on health care. Armed with this knowledge, we can better our standards of living.
  • Psychology: Offering treatment to all ages and covering all sorts of difficulties one might face. Ranging from marriage counseling to occupational therapy to eating disorders; we are able to test for, offer help to, and most importantly, keep confidential whatever issue one may be struggling with.

Any additional questions?

Feel free to contact Dr. Elham Al Hamdan at or +965 2572-0338 / 2572-1757, if you want to donate, have any questions or any suggestions!

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