Peter Kosheluk

B.Sc P.T Physiotherapist


Peter Kosheluk is a highly trained therapist with extensive experience working with injury affecting all areas of the body and as stemming from a variety of causes. Since joining the FSHN team in 2011, Peter has focused primarily on musculoskeletal physiotherapy with acute and chronic conditions in individuals across the age spectrum. Amongst his areas of specialty are: post-operative rehabilitation, sport/exercise/recreational injury rehabilitation, office or workplace injuries, movement analysis and motor vehicle accident rehabilitation. He often works with athletes of all calibers; from the recreational amateurs to the professional career athletes.

Peter’s treatment philosophy is one of teamwork between practitioner and patient, his focus being on helping individuals determine the source of their condition in order to actively work to eliminate or alleviate it. He is a firm believer in prevention of re-injury and active independent management as being core components of any rehabilitative program.

Peter is a Canadian trained physiotherapist, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2006. Peter has also completed numerous post-graduate training programs in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, covering a multitude of areas, including manual therapy, movement analysis & correction, and exercise prescription. Most recently he received a Certificate in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) from Curtin University in Australia. He is also a certified Dry Needling Practitioner (DNP).


    • Post-operative Rehabilitation
    • Sport/Exercise/Recreational Injury Rehabilitation
    • Office/Work-Place Injuries
    • Movement Analysis
    • Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

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